Acrylic on Linen

Grand Canal at Dusk, Venice 2015

Grand Canal at Dusk, Venice 2015

Original Artwork by Janet Knight

This is an Impressionist artwork original

Signed by Janet Knight


Gosh it’s so easy to remember that that evening in Venice when I took the reference photo for this painting.  The emotions I was feeling, how my senses were highly attuned to all that surrounded me as I looked out into the approaching night air.


Standing on the balcony at dusk, the city was all a bustle with activity.  Water taxis and gondolas meandered through the canals with their captains and gondoliers pointing out highlights of interest to their eager passengers aglow with anticipation and a newly found or remembered romance for this gorgeous city that came alive in the glistening sparkle of their eyes and competed with those reflecting off the water in a dazzling display of sparkling light.


The evening was warm and quite humid, much like any evening in Venice, but it was oh so special to me.  My glass of champagne was resting on the stone pillar and gazing from the balcony I felt like Juliete eagerly anticipating the arrival of her Romeo.  I smile when I think about it and remember it as if it were moment’s ago. Venice does that to me.  You never really leave once you have been there.  When you return, its as if you never left.  It was if I had never left.    Does that to a lot of people.  It becomes a part of you heart, a little niche of fondness, a memory of love and romance.

It’s like that little chill that runs up your spine.  Venice.  Gorgeous.  This piece is full of special memories for me.  I hope it ignites a special memory within you!


Acrylic on Linen
60cm X 90cm


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