Oil on Linen

Dinner Beside the Canal, Venice 2015

Dinner Beside the Canal, Venice 2015

Original Artwork by Janet Knight

This is an Impressionist artwork original

Signed by Janet Knight


As the song goes, “Every picture tells a Story” and this  painting has a beautiful story behind it.With only one night in Venice before our trip to London we chose to dine at a restaurant right along the canal.  Of course it was hot, but as the sun ank lower into the distance, promises of cooler temperatures were ahead.  The evening life was becoming more lively with each passing minute as familes departed their vessels in eager anticipation of a fine dinner alongside the canal.  Mom’s and Dad’s holdinthier children close by their with their smiling faces look everywhere, trying to grasp everything at once!  Escitied little voices “Look” with hands in the air and fingers pointed at something only they saw.  I can imagine as they grow they will look upon that trips with great fondness and memories.  It was so lovely to see.


As luck would have it, right in the middle of dinner the perfect photo opportunity came!  With a quick kiss on the cheek and a “I’ll be right back!” to my hubby as I rushed from the table with my camera, I made it to the bridge just in time to snap the reference shot for this painting.  The sun was just setting over the canal and my timing was just in the nick of time.  A perfect dinner interrupted decision.  The sunset was exceptional.  I can still remember how I felt taking those photos of the sun slipping into the water.  It was pure magic. Venice does that to me – that’s its magic.  You never really leave once you have been there.  When you return, its as if you never left.  It was if I had never left, but I still look eagerly  forward to my return.


Oil on linen
60cm x 90cm


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