Oil on Canvas

Crossing at the Rocks, Otway Series

Crossing at the Rocks, Otway Series

Original Artwork by Janet Knight

This is an Impressionist artwork original

Signed by Janet Knight


On every visit I make to the Otway Ranges here in Victoria I am always in disbelief of its natural beauty.  When in the field taking reference photographs I am very selective in what I shoot and even more selective in those I use to provide the best view and presentation.  I pay attention to the sounds, the feeling of the air, the sound of the stream as it flows beside me.  In The Moment is actually a juxtaposition of three photographs I took that day.  I wanted to give this painting a sense of virgin landscape untouched by humans, remaining as it was thousands of years ago.


From the lovely comments that have been made about this particular  work in this series, I think I achieved my goal!  As a painter we are given artistic license to portray what we see how we see it.  With that freedom comes an awesome responsibility and I feel like an Amassador for Australia through my landscapes of this amazing country.  So if out on a hike through the Otway Ranges don’t go looking for this magical place. It has been created within my mind from a deep respect for the land and the love in my heart for this wonderful country.  It is my heart that guides my brush and allows my creativity to flow.  ThisIS my Australia!


45cm x 61cm
Oil on Canvas


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