Pastels on Colour Paper

Buxton Victoria 2

Buxton Victoria 2

Original Artwork by Janet Knight

This is an Impressionist artwork original

Signed by Janet Knight


Gosh, I just realized that I use the words beautiful and special (and gosh) so many times in describing my paintings.  There is such deep fondness with some that its hard letting them go sometimes.  Like a child that you conceived and birthed through a creative process that defies  description.  I know so many people have this within them but they do not know how to release it. It’s usually quite simple!   A bit of knowledge can go a very long way.  Art is Life-Life is Love is more than just a catchy saying for me.  It defines me.  Perhaps it can define you?  Let me show you how to release the creativity you know is  within you!

Buxton Victoria is a series of of three paintings depicting the beautiful Yarra Valley.  Amidst the summer’s heat and a fast three day holiday (I know it seems we are alays on holiday, its an Aussie priority – enjoy life!) I knew a relaxing few days were ahead if I took advantage of them.  And I quickly did.  Sitting by the riverside as quiet as the clouds floating above, punctuated with the sounds of the babble and  bauble of water over the perfectly round edged stones, each enriched with a history of its own.  A mother duck swam close by with all of her children!!!  Gosh, its was just magic!  I captured the feelings of the Aussie landscape amidst the soaring and roaring temperatures of our summer, thinking to myself  “a little sweat can make magic for others”.  Besides, it never hurt no one!


23cm x 30cm
Pastels on colour fix paper


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