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I  truly love and have passion for my career which is evident in every aspect of my life.  I own, operate and teach in my  established Melbourne based art class / studio.  I am a professional artist whose works have been acquired by international and Australian collectors. I have painted for over 25 years, as I graduated from Ballarat University with a Diploma of Art, the Aussie equivalent of a Degree.

My current works are a testament to my ever evolving passion for my art. I am a well recognized Australian landscape artist, and a television personality with guest appearances on “Colour in Your Life”  and  I combine my connection with nature and the environment with my unique personal skills and interpretation which often ends with  a surreal twist in my  artworks.

What sets me apart is the diversity in my expertise as an accomplished, award winning artist  in watercolors, pastels, acrylics and oils.  Whatever your learning interests may be, I can teach you how to make your dreams a reality.

My exhibition schedule is quite busy with  solo and shared exhibitions throughout the year and I love  participating  in community focused exhibitions. Having taught  art classes full time  for over 18 years from my studio, teaching the most inexperienced “newbie” who may have never held a brush, to the  intermediate artist seeking to further refine techniques  and learn new methods,  near daily art classes and workshops keep me on my toes throughout the week. My family members in residence during my classes often add their own comment  or two through a bark or a yelp, and sometimes if really lucky, a distant squawk from the chickens!  In addition, I  enjoy a steady flow of private commission work as well as working on artwork for my private collection and pieces for specific charities.

I always have an enthusiastic “yes” to invitations to be a guest speaker at local educational institutions, inspiring the exploration of creative skills in young people  which IS within all of us at any age.  I invite you to  explore yours with me.  It’s easy, just say yes!!!   You will surprise yourself, have lot’s of fun in the process and develop a lifelong love and deeper appreciation of the arts and new skills that may one day inspire you to a new career in which you provide the inspiration to others!

“Art is Life – Life is Love”

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Makes You Feel Alive

“Painting the Australian landscape is something that Janet has mastered in more ways than one. Her bush and stream scenes allow the viewer to melt into her paintings and her ability as a teacher enables many other people to be able to get in touch with their right brain creativity.”

 Graeme Stevenson, Colour In Your Life

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  • Oil Paint on Linen Frame

    If you follow my Facebook Page you will know that one of my loves is painting portraiture and the figure. I use Belgian Linen to work on with a lot of my pieces. Its natural fibre allows me to create soft images using washes for a natural depth and emotion. I hold special workshops teaching this technique and I will also be teaching this process online

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  • Plein Air Painting Landscapes

    One of the best experiences as an artist is to work Plein air. Plein air is working outdoors, usually painting landscape themes. When I get a chance I love to go away for weekends, take my paints or pastels and produce small works. The feelings I get out in the natural environment usually reflect in my work and I use special techniques to make each piece very special. I recommend that you try Plein air painting, it is fun and very educational

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  • Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic & Pastel

    I work in all mediums and enjoy the challenge that each one comes with. I teach in all mediums as well and encourage my students to try different painting techniques to broaden their knowledge. It's wonderful to try new things!!

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