Janet Knight Art Studio

Janet Knight is an Award Winning Artist based in Melbourne Australia

Fulfilment and contentment are elements in life that we strive for. It’s not something that we are given it is something that we learn! In life we eventually learn the word contentment, it’s meaning and it’s importance! Its not major, it’s small and everyday! It’s someone smiling back at you just because they want to!! It’s listening to a child laugh!! Which is contagious by the way! It’s enjoying a beautiful garden or a gorgeous piece of art work! It takes your breath away! Makes you think how wonderful life is!

That’s fulfillment! That’s Joy!! That’s life!!
Just the way we want it!!
Art is Life! and Life is Love! My friends!!❤️ x



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My Why

I share my art with you, so you can explore where your heart wants to go! Don’t restrict yourself and be confident! Try different mediums and you will enjoy the process!

This is my promise to you
and all of my wonderful students!!


From my happy students

I started lessons with Janet in 2000. Janet gave me the confidence to explore my artistic side. Whatever medium, Janet's always been there to guide and encourage. I now know the difference between Cobalt.

Sue Forbes

Janet is wonderful art teacher. She is very helpful, every student in her class are very friendly like family. I have been painting with her for six years. I am very pleased to see how I've improved with each medium Believe me! If you can come to Janet's class, you just don't want to stop.

Lily Nguyen

Janet has fulfilled my five-year-old dream in 2013 and has become a role model for me. She is always supporting me with my insane childish ideas and somehow made them realistic by expanding my artistic skills. Janet please continue inspiring me with your talents!

Jackie Tran- Cong

Janet is a passionate artist full of energy. She is also an inspiring teacher and I am glad to be one of her students.

Patricia Lee

I've only been going to Janet's classes for two and half terms and I can see the improvement. No wonder she's a successful artist ❤️

Ruthvika N

As a new by to the studio, it has unleashed my passion for art!

Mary Barba

After a thirty year break, I have rediscovered my love of art thanks to Janet and her relaxed , encouraging style!

Alison Dixon

I have been coming to Janet's Gallery for five years. A complete novice, I now feel completely confident working in all different mediums. Classes are friendly, fun and Janet is always ready to offer guidance. Workshops are fantastic!

Catriona McQuilken

I love my painting class it is great fun I have learnt a lot about colours and techniques

Leslie Chisholm

Wednesday group is great I'm learning so much!

Geraldine Phelan

Janet is a very skilled and wonderful teacher. She's really good at looking at your work and knowing just what to say to guide you through and to teach you the skills to achieve your goals. She has helped me immensely, and I love going to class each week.

Janet Reese